Plumbing Emergency

preparing for an emergency plumbing service.


A guide for homeowners and property managers to prepare for emergency plumbing services.


An emergency might happen to anyone at any time, and the only solution to get the emergency problem solved is to prepare for it.


I’m a plumber myself that’s why my focus is on plumbing emergencies.


I’m working for a small Company, called Thepipewrenchers.

Our office is in Toronto, and we serve the Whole Greater Toronto Area, for any Plumbing related services.


We receive more than thousands of calls every year from customers who need immediate service, most of these clients they know us because we have done some work for them in the past.

We also have a lot of phone calls from people, who search for emergency services online.


Let’s get back to the importance of preparation for the time such an incident happens and the solution for it.


Just simply save the numbers to your phone, of course, you can write it and stick it to the fridge door or write it on the calendar hanging on the wall, but for me having the numbers saved in my phone has it’s own benefits.

For example, I might not be home when such thing happens, but I still have the numbers to call.

Another important thing is to find reliable service providers.

The one who can answer you call at any time.

Again I prefer small businesses because I can directly talk to the boss or the manager, It might not sound important but believe me, It is critical.


Always remember that maintenance is the core to avoid most of the emergency situations.

I know that maintenance is not cheap, and sometimes it does not look necessary.

But just think for a moment, think of going home after a long day and find out that the shower doesn’t work or the Hot water tank not working, or even worse the basement might be flooded because of a backup or a Clogged Drain.


No matter you are a homeowner or managing a commercial property such as offices, restaurants or any buildings, always be prepared.

Another important device to install in your basement is the Backwater valve or backflow preventer, which is very useful for the time of substantial rainfall or if you are on the lower ground.


I will keep writing more, and I hope you find it useful.